Offering an organic and fun approach to production design and logistics,

ShowPlan is…


  • Expand: Produce virtually unlimited scenes and media across multiple projects
  • Create: Energize top-down vision, bottom-up insights, “in-or-out-of-box” creativity.
  • Flow: Move, arrange and sequence scenes in the ShowFlow.
  • Block: Start with building blocks for acting, dancing, music, screen, transition, and custom.
  • Multimedia: Use video, music, graphics, photos and text for scripting and detailing.


  • Inspire: Capture and document Ideas, choreography, scenes, locations, sets, designs and talent on the spot.
  • Track: Keep tabs on what’s in-progress, who’s doing what and what’s done.
  • Communicate: During performance, enhance real-time stage manager to crew interaction via wifi.
  • Take action: Make your movie, plan your dance, design your installation, sequence your concert — realize your art!


  • Collaborate: Share your vision via Trello and Email.
  • Network: Find and share your media on Flickr and Vimeo (Coming soon).
  • Educate: Share and discover online tips, tutorials, and resources.
  • Connect: Rant, rave, and gossip in community and development forums.

Evolving with you

  • Reference: Save your decisions in a database. Import/export project files with Dropbox.
  • Shape the future: Have your say in upcoming feature requests and product roadmap.

Now, Plan your Show today with ShowPlan!